Intoxicated Readers

We have a new submission process! Check out our festival at
A tutorial for submissions on FilmFreeway will be posted on our IG soon, for those who have not used the website before.

Intoxicated Film Fest!

Join us for a Month Long Film festival from April 20th - May 20th with a Live Screening on May 28th!
***Submission information down below***

Second Annual
Film Fest Information:


  • Each film will need three requirements:

  1. Be majorly shot and produced within the time frame of April 20th, 2022 through May 20th, 2022.

  2. Have a drinking game tied to it.

  3. Contain the required Material

*** The Required Material will be announced on April 20th***

Dates to keep in mind

  • April 20th, 12pm- The Required Material is announced (Check social medias.)

  • May 20th, 11:59pm - Submissions are due! Check this website or our social medias for the submission forms.

  • May 25th - Nominations are announced!

  • May 28th, 6pm - The Film Festival Show! Watch live at


  • Each film must have the required Element in order to qualify.

  • Submissions must be less than 15 minutes long (Credits included).

  • No nudity is allowed. The Intoxicated Readers respect artistic expression in all forms, but Twitch (Our streaming service) has strict policies against nudity.

  • Each film should be submitted with a drinking game in mind ~ These will be announced during the live show for the audience to participate in.

  • Excess Violence, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and any other hate speech deemed inappropriate in relation to the films content can and will disqualify a film from submission, nomination and screening.

  • The Intoxicated readers have the right to withdraw a submission from judging or screening for any reason.

  • Copyrighted material may only be used with explicit permission by the owner. Any film with copyrighted material without rights to use will be disqualified. The Public Domain is an excellent asset for music, so long as it is still attributed to the correct sources.

Required Element Info

A staple of our festival is that it should be (mostly) made within the thirty day shoot period. This leads to a lot of chaos, as well as creativity! With that in mind, we have what we call our "Required Element," an element that each film must have in order to qualify for the festival.

The Required Element is selected by our judge panel and kept in sworn secrecy until the first day of our 30 day shoot. Some examples of what the required Element could be are:

A specific line that must be used in the film. (IRFF I's required material was a Sylvia Plath quote)

A specific object. (Fright Fest I's required material was a mirror.)

A specific symbol. (An example could be the holy cross, or Yin and Yang)

Creativity is encouraged. The Intoxicated Readers love twisting a prompt into new and exciting ways, but featuring the Required Element clearly and purposefully, (not necessarily in an obvious way), is a requirement for the festival. So be creative! Be ingenious! Most importantly, be a purposeful filmmaker!

We have a new submission process!

We are now working with the website Film Freeway in order to organize our festival!

All submissions will be through

A tutorial for submitting to FilmFreeway will be posted on our IG soon. It is a new process for the Readers as well, so we invite you to learn how to navigate it along side us!

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